Thursday, July 16, 2009

Assalamualaikum & Welcome!

salam and good day.
welcome to UHL2312, technical English. well, i hope you already know by now what is actually the subject is all about. no worries, you are going to have so much fun learning this subject.
OK, let me refresh your memory again. like i said in class, this subject will cover all basic four skills; Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. like brothers and sisters, they are inseparable. so in order to be good in the language, you will have to learn all those four.
enough said, i welcome again all of you to this wonderful world of English Language. learn as much as you can and by heart. that way, you will know how much important it is to be good in all aspects--(wow! I've never been too serious like this all my life...hahahaha!)
"Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it"


  1. My name is goh ming hui, no Id:MH09073.Want to be a good speaker or presenter ,you must have a skill.1:prepare you presentation before you present. When you prepare it early ,you can practice more before you present, so that you can know where is your problem.
    2: Ready to your presentation. When you have ready your presentation, you will feel confident to your speech that will present later.
    3:Eye contact with a audience. When you have a eye contact with your audience they will feel they is pointed by you and they will concentrate with your speak, and your objective will be achieve.
    4: Striated to the point. Attention of the audience have the limited, so want to let a audience know your objective clearly, presenter must striated to the point of your presentation.
    5:Energetic of the presenter. If the presenter don't have energetic, where got audience want pay attention to you??So want to be a good speaker you must have the energetic when you present your thing to the audience.
    6:Be a nice presenter. If you are not a nice presenter, audience will scare you or don't want lesson to your speech. When they have anything don’t understand they will don't ask it and hope the speech can finish it faster!!
    7:Tone of the speaker or presenter. Speaker or presenter must have a clear and laugh sound when speaking in frond of audience. If not they will sleep in frond of you!!So tone of speaker or presenter must good.

  2. Not many people can be speaking in front of public but it not impossible all the Malaysian can speak in front of publics. Actually Malaysians have several of opinions in all aspect. Now I want to share my ideas to be a good presenter or speaker.
    Firstly, we need make the preparations before we give our presentations. Actually it is important to be a good speaker. When we had make preparations of presentation slide or note, it can help the auditions to catch the message from the speaker. The message from the speaker must be positive and can help the auditions to be better after heard our speech. The speaker must prepare the suitable contents because the contents will be effect to the auditions. So the speaker must be carefully to choose the contents to avoid from the negative effect to the auditions.
    Secondly, the speaker should wise choose the suitable time. It is important because when we choose the wrong time the auditions cannot focus to our presentation. When the auditions not focus to our presentation maybe they can sleep or talks each others. So to avoid from this situations, the speaker should be wise to choose the right time to give the speech or presentation. Furthermore, the speaker should choose the right place. The auditions need the comfortable place to hear the speech or presentation. So the speaker must be responsible to make the auditions feel comfortable.
    Lastly, the speaker must prepare some video or song that we use to make our presentations more interesting and not bored. In modern technology many speakers use computer to make presentations. So the speaker can make their slide show more interactive and interesting. They also can insert many of song, picture and video to avoid the auditions bored. So the speaker should be wise to use the technology in the presentations.
    As the conclusions, the speaker must wise to attract the audition to focus their presentations. They also must give the positive effects to the auditions from the presentation. Thank you.

    From : Muhammad Asyraf B. Jusoh, MH09052 , M01

  3. assalamualaikum..
    hye mdm!my name is noor azuani binti ID no is MH09039 and of i'am from M01.i've enjoyed in ur we all know,we already have the basic skill how to be a good presenter.for me or maybe for all of us,since the school time, i've learned how to deliver a good speech.i have an emberassed experience on doing presentation or more specific on public speaking.

    when i was young(age 9 year),i've to be the representer for my class for public speaking 1st,i refused to do it.but,there's nobody wanted to enter that competition.then,on the day,i sttod on tyhe stage without delivering any of sentences.then,i i cried bcoz there were some students laughing at me.huhuhu..very sad...but start on that day,i learned more how to be a good presenter bcoz i know that i will be in that situation again and i dont want that it happen again.

    then,i started to be brave to speak in front of public especially.when i entered ur class,then i know that the most important key that will make a good presentation which is BE PREPARED!
    once we prepared,we can deliver an excellent speech!
    when we are prepared,all the things that we already plan can be done easily.and forthermore,when we are prepared,we can overcome our nervous to stand up in front of our friends!automatically we can be a good presenter.
    this is only my own comment.i dont know about the other's comment.maybe the nervous problem cant be solve even tough they are well prepared..
    it's up to individul too..

    tq mdm for teaching us..that's all for my long comment =)assalamualaikum..have a nice day with us for the next class..

  4. assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and very good day to madam especially...
    my mum give me name nor syazwani binti hamsan,id num MH09019..
    first of all I really want to thank you because give me chance to write in your blog..
    I really proud to become your student because you had give many knowledge to us especially to become a good speaker.
    In my opinion to become a good speaker, the important thing is we must have confident. As we know, we must have confident in whatever we do. This is because when we have confident so that our work can be done smoothly and we also have much spirit to do it. But sometime it is quiet difficult to be a confident man because of some factors like people in surrounding that always look to us. For example me. Sometimes, I lack of confident to do my work that have to face other people like to present something. Not because I can’t speak but I become scared and little shy when there are people that look to me..huhu..
    I think I can speak although it is not good like prime minister but when I need to speak in front of my class especially, I become dumb immediately….huhuhu. I don’t know why..
    Maybe it is natural or it is some diseases that have infected me..huhu
    Until now this ‘virus’ can’t to decompose. And the most important weakness that I can’t to change it is NERVOUS…
    Like madam said to become a good presenter we should throw away our nervous and just let it like nothing happened. Just say whatever we want. But, must have point or topic. So that, people are not bored to hear our presentation….
    Besides that, for me to become a good presenter we must have eye contact to our audiences. Like madam said…
    This is because when we have eye contact with audience, so that they can give responses to our presentation. They also can understand what we want to say. In addition, they also can give focus to us and think about our presentation’s content. To become a good presenter, we also need to make rehearsal always. The purpose is to train our tongue, grammar, pronunciation and so on. So that the message can be delivered clearly. And also don’t forget to find research first for our topic. It is because to prevent us from talking the fact that is untrue.
    I think that’s all I can say about how to become a good presenter. Last but not least, hope madam can understand for what I’m trying to comment because I think that’s a lot of grammar error that occur. My English not too good as well as madam..huhu
    Lastly, thank you..have a nice day!!oyasuminasai!

  5. assalamualaikum...
    abdul muiz bin jaafar
    this subject are really2 nice and fun,all of the skill we have learn it..
    and feel thank to u b'coz teach us this subject..

    this subject i feel important to make sure we can improve our style in communication and many skill in live.if we juz only have knowledge but cannot apply it in our live we juz waste our time...

    this subject make us use all our skill,and can improve our language..that all from me.bye2..