Monday, July 27, 2009

what say you?

salam and good day.

hi! how are you? i hope you are doing just fine. tired? well, we all do, but don't make that as an excuse as it will just make you more tired...

alright, we've have discussed quite a few points on presentation skills. and i know you have much more to say but probably you are just shy (are you? mmmm i wonder....:) )

so, jot down your thoughts here, share some ideas on how to become a good presenter/speaker---make it from your own perspective. no need to cut and paste from others ok. and don't forget to write your full name and matric number as each entry will be marked.

what are you waiting for? express your ideas now, in nice words of course! time waits for no man.....

---You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart---


    MH 09060

    Good evening, Mrs Norkheiah.

    This is the seventh lesson that madam have taught me. These pass few lessons are really mind opening. I have learnt so much presentation skills from your lessons. I am a very weak speaker and I have never attempt to give a speech in public before. But after these lessons, I have found some courage to try to test the new skills I have learnt in my coming slide show presentation. Therefore, I look forward to the coming week to present my slide show presentation.

    Among the things that I have learnt from your lessons are never to have your back facing the audiences. I understand that it is rude to do so and during the presentation, we must make eye contact with our audiences. Besides that, our body posture and body language also can make a difference in our presentation. If we have bad body posture or body language, it will create an uncomfortable sight for the audiences. Other than that, to become a good presenter/speaker, we must try to make our presentation enjoyable and fun for our audiences. By doing so, we can create an impact in the audiences' mind and make a deep impression for our audiences.

    There are many ways to become a good presenter/speaker. We sometimes just have to put our positions in the audiences' shoe and think of the things that the audiences really want to hear and the ways they want to hear it.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    MH 09057

    Assalamualaikun madam...
    First of all thanks for the chances that you give to me. So that I can refresh or deliver back what I have learned from your class before this in you blogger. Thats meant I have to give full attention in your class after this right??

    Hmm..back to the reality..based on the topic given..from my understanding, to be a good presenter or speaker firstly, I should fully understand what topic that i'm going to present to the audience.Secondly, I have to make the research about that topic.So that, the presentation will have useful information to share with the audience.

    Besides that, the way you express yourself during the presentation is very important to attract the audience attention. As a good presenter, we should be Proactive,Responsible,Energetic,Self-confident,Extra-ordinary, Neat,Two way communicatin and so on.
    In the simple word is PRESENT, but the most important is try to overcome the nervousness. Actually, this situation always happen to the normal person.

    The power of the good presenter is have effective eye contact with the audience.. like malay said, through the eye will come to the heart and from the heart the message that we trying to deliver will
    achieve effectively to the audience.

    Lastly, do the rehearsal before the real presntation.The best word to express is "Practice Make Perfect".

    Thank you and have a nice day..

  3. Yap Huey Tyng
    MH 09036

    Hi, Pn. Norkheiah,
    Thank you for comes and teaches us here. Hope that we do not let you disappointed.

    In order to become a good presenter or speaker, there are something that we need to do before, during, and when ending the presentation.

    Before the presentation, we need to have enough preparation. These include doing research and rehearsal. Doing some researches regarding our topic can make us understand more about the topic as well as can answer the question which may ask by the audience. Besides that, try to do rehearsal as much as possible. If possible, rehearse the presentation in front of friends, friends may help us to check out the mistake that we may not realize. While doing the rehearsal, make sure it does not overtime or finish earlier.

    When we are going to start the presentation, try to glance around the audience to search some friendly faces which may make us feel comfortable(last time i was really scared to present or perform in front of public, this time i must try this skill, hope all my friends can give me support) and then greet the audience politely.

    When the presentation is going on, make sure that we are having correct posture and gesture.
    Eye contact is also very important. This is because all this non-verbal communication can get audience attention. If there are some audience did not pay attention, we can try to ask them some closed questions. Besides that, we have to make sure that we are using appropriate tone during the presentation.

    Furthermore, do not simply end the presentation. Even though, it is the last sentence that we say, we still need to end it politely. This can leave a good image to your audience. We also do not want to let the presentation become the last presentation to the audience.

    Last but not least, we must have confidence to our presentation. Present it confidently!!!(Actually this is especially for me)

    Thank you and have a nice day.....:}

  4. Good evening, below are my responds for this blog:

    I'm trying to enjoy the lesson but I'm still having doubt that I can really master the correct way to apply and deliver my thoughts in proper English. I'm hoping that there'll be more exposure on how to differentiate American Eng. and British Eng. Maybe there can be some sessions for grammar and vocabolary because there maybe some students who still need more helps and close exposure for a more effective improvement. I arise this matter because I'm one of this people who truely want to be excellent in English. Thank you.

    Posted by,
    Elexanderio Julit

  5. There are lots of ways to be a good presenter. It is depends on the presenter capability and creativity.
    First of all, presenter should know how to attract the audiences. At least this will reduce the frightened when confront the audiences. May be we will get the negative respond from them. So that’s why the second way to be a good presenter is PLANNING!
    When we planned to do something, everything will be fun, easy and no problem. This will make us and our audience enjoy the presentation. Everything that audiences could ask we can answer it. This will give them a good impression about the presenter.
    Next is the presenter must know how to develop their own self-confidence. Speaking to ourselves in front of mirror will help us to develop self-confidence. It may sound silly. But logically it will help presenter to control the frightened on the stage.
    Lastly, presenter must know how to act.
    Act like we know everything. Do not show at all our nervous. Just relax and keep focus on our presentation. To make it success bewares with the eye-contact. Try to find the friendly faces from the audience that will help you during the presentation.
    That’s all from me. Thank you.


  6. assalamualaikum...
    im Saifusyamil B. mohd Wajiah
    From what madam thought in our class, to be a good presenter we have to be brave…brave meant that we can speak fluently to our audience and we must have idea what are we going to present . so to have the ideas, we have to make a research about our topic to get more information about it..from the information that we get, we have to choose the core or the main idea of our topic and we suppose not to mistaken the point that out of our topic. We have to focus the topic that we are going to present and make sure all the point are relevent. i think that all...thank you..

  7. salam

    thanks for the feedback given. i know it's hard to stand and speak in front of others but you've got to try somehow. it's actually fun especially when you know what you want to say. besides, you need to brush your talent from now. who knows one day you'll become the PM of Malaysia? by then you really need to become a really good speaker...

  8. Assalamualaikum..
    Mdm Norkheiah..

    Actually, the first time I saw you, I already knew that U're a good presenter..

    From your teaching, I got few points to be a good presenter..

    Firstly, we must attract the audience attention..

    Second, do not be nervous..

    We must be confidence to ourself..

    Lastly, send my regards to your lovely daughter.. ^_~ ..

  9. messi

    from my opinion. in order to become a good presenter or a good speaker, first of all you need to have knowledge.because without knowledge, we are nothing.but knowledge only is not enough,so, you also need to practice to speak in front of people.when we talking in front of a people, there is a feeling that will make our presentation not good enough.that is in order to overcome that feeling we must get used to it by always practice speaking in front of people.

  10. Assalamualaikum and very good evening madam.

    There are some keys to be a good presenter. Firstly ,confident is the best key to be a good presenter because when we confident with ourselves everything will in good condition and nervous can be avoid and so that the presentation can be done successfully.
    Second,we have to practice or rehearsel what we are going to present.Or in other word we must be ready by doing some preparation.
    Next,during the presentation we have to try to do some jokes or everything that make the audience will attract to our presentation or things that make them more focus to what we are going to present.So,i think that's all from me.

    >muhamad hisyamuddin bin jaffar
    >mh 09014

  11. asslamualaikum.......
    Wan Arif Fikri bin Wan Salleh @ Gerrard

    In my opinion, in order to become a successful presenter, first we must have a good confidence in our heart. Then, put away the feeling of nervous or something like that as this feeling will block us to become a great presenter. Lastly, the most important things is we must well prepared before the presentation as these will make us more confidence and comfortable when doing the presentation.

  12. from redzuan
    madam kheiah,,
    TE class is very effective for our mo1..thanks a lot to madam kheiah coz gave me a lot of information about presentation skill.
    besides that,,we also have self confidence during the presentation....thanks a lot madam kheiah..slmt hari ry maaf zahir batin..sob3=(

  13. Assalamualaikum....

    i'm Mohd Iqbal....MH09045
    In my opinion, a person who wanted to become a good presenter should be attractive in order to receive full attention from his or her audience. It is not necessary to entertain the listener but the most important thing, the presenter should be more alert to the audience condition whether they are happy or not with the way we deliver the speech to them.

    Other than that, a good presenter must speak clearly about the topic that he or she wanted to share with the audience. Before that, the presenter need to do early preparation including write the text and try to memorise it.This way can help to reduce effectively grammar error which always happened during presentation.

    Last but not least, a good presenter always make sure his or her audience receive the knowledge that were shared through the presentation.Brochures also could help the audience to understand better about the topic we presenting to them so it would be better to give the audience brochure before we start our presentation................

  14. muzammil bin mohd alias

    assalamualaikum. Last month, every members of our class had present including me. actually, i'm not a good presenter at all, but listening to your tips and ways on how to be a good presenter really help me to be better. there are many tips that I’ve got. first, we must plan what we want to do for our presentation. this step is very important because it can be our guide for us not to present out of topic. second, practice makes perfect. this step really help me confident on my presentation. lastly, if you speak only with your mouth then the audience will just hear with their ear, but if you speak with your heart then the audience will hear with their heart...
    thank you..

  15. frm mh09080
    madam kheiah,,
    after the presentation,,i think self confidence become greater..mo1 have good presenter right now

  16. muhamad firdaus bin zaini
    To be a good presenter we should become familiar with our audience. we should know a little about them.Then we should know clearly about the topic that we want to present.
    As a presenter we should have a good eye contact with our audience. Much better if we have a short but useful presentation. body language also important as a presenter, because people more interesting with the movement.

  17. che azral izzuddin che rudi

    urm, to be a good presenter eh???
    i think the most important thing is we must brave enough. actually, this feeling can avoid shy feeling in ourself. this will make us a good presenter. as a human, the huge obstacle that we must tackle is shy. that why we must brave enough before make a presentation. another point is we must make practices before the real presentation. the practice is to analyse our presentation and give us time to recover our weakness in presentation. PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT!!! then we must know our audience. if they are students, treat them as a student. if they are adults, treat them as a adult. during the presentation, always make eyes contact wih our audience. if they look bored, make some joke to make sure they not run away from our presentation. oh, before i forgot, at the starting, grate your audience because they coming to your presentation. about our presentation, make sure it is short and full with information except you were born as a presenter. body language also important. this will attract our audience to listening to our speech. lastly don't forget to wear suitable clothe. this is important because our audince will make their impression with looking at our appearrance on that day. thats all. tq...



    Hmm... For me to be a good presenter is very important thing. This is because, me as a future engineer must have a well speaking to speak out my idea to my partner or my workers. So, the first thing to be a good speaker is brave. We must have brave to speak out the idea or presentation to the audience without any nervous and this can make ourselves become more confidence. Then, we must have good personality to attract the audience to listen our presentation.. I think that all from me.. Tq..

  19. mUhammAd RaSis biN mEsmAn MH09025 How to become best presenter? In my opinion presenter must have eyes contact with audience first.From that we know is it the presenter has confidence or not in front audience. Moreover, presenter should be speak fluently.This is because to make audience easy understand with point was given by presenter. Furthermore, presenter need interaction with audience like ask any question about topic to avoid audience bore... Last is about style of presenter during give the speech. ThAnXz_

  20. assalamualaikum to madam Norkheiah..!!!=)
    i'm mohd aiman b. mahusin...
    mdm norkheiah had thought us on how to be a good is absolutely great to know more how an excellent presentation is handled..
    before this i had entered many english communication class in others university,
    but mdm norkheiah helps me more,gave some extra information that could improve my skill as a presenter....

    from what mdm norkheiah thought,there is many things that should be ensure to deliver a good presentation..
    firstly,the main point is a good presenter should handle or overcome their nervousness.
    it is important because its influence us while we give or deliver a presentation.if we can not overcome the problem,we should have a rest for a while and take a deep breath.this may help us to control our nervousness..

    secondly,before we have a presentation,we must be well-prepared,in the context of information or knowledge and ourselves.we should ensure that we know what we want to will be great if we can add some extra information that related to our presentation,it may attract the audience to give more attention to us.=)
    we also have to be more friendly to the audience and be a proactive presenter,..

    there are many more way to be a good presenter..
    but i think it would be enough on what have i wrote...that all.thank you..

    posted by,
    mohd aiman b mahusin

  21. mohd azli hafiz bin ab rahman
    To be the good presenter we need some of the knowledge. First, we need the purpose or point what we want to say. This is because when we have the point, the audience will interest what we will said. To have the good point we should do some research before we present. Beside that, we should know how to tackle the audience to listen what we will present.

    Furthermore, to be the good presenter we should not do the error when typing in power point or when we speak. When doing the mistake it will disturb our presentation. If we do the mistake we should no how to cover our mistake like make a joke, tell the audience the story or some thing else.

    Next, when present we should try to stand the right position and dot stand at the same place or stand on the fix position.

  22. assalamuaikum and very good evening...
    to me to be a good presenter we must very confidence with ourselves..when we confident we can attract people to hear to our speech..
    furthermore,we must have a very good looking.we must wear appropriate attire if we want to give a speech..when people look we are very smart,so they want to give attention to us.
    last but not least,we also must have a good speech to deliver...

    mohd fairuz bin zaini..mh09037

  23. assalamualaikum madam,
    as my opinion,to be a good presenter firstly we must prepared early before present. This because we not look nervous but look confidence with ourself infrount of audience.
    Besides that, before present we must declare all our points. It better because as a good presenter, we must have a good speech to tackle audience attention.
    thank you,

    mohd affendi b. ibrahim

  24. salam...

    in my become a good speaker..
    we should have a very high confident level.talent is important as well because there are many high skill speaker outsite there has a talent.

    but, someone who not talented can be a good speaker too by practicess. as we know,practice make perfect.a good speaker also have to preapare first before they speak.preparation can make our speach perfect.

    so these are my opinion that i can share with you guys.

    good luck everyone!


  25. assalamualikum...
    i'm very2 worried about the presentations..
    i never speak infront of people before this..i'm really2 feel nervous now...

    i hope my presentation not bad..
    well u now,someone that never speak infront of people will feel fear to stand in the infront of people.

    but i try my best to speak infront of person either i feel nervour but the important thing in my head juz want to finish this presentations as soon as possible..

    but in the class u have said we must try be a brave person that can do anything without feel fear..but to be brave is something that need a times...

    and now i will try to manage my time to make this presentations successfull.that all from me..
    abdul muiz bin jaafar