Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2nd posting

salam and good day,

so how's everyone? hope you guys are doing fine.

well for our second post i want you to share your experience doing the presentation last time. what do you think? but i do hope that you managed to gain something from the presentation you've made. to me it is great to be given opportunity to speak and share your knowledge in front of others. somehow it made you wiser....

don't forget---please include your name and your matric number ok in your posting.



  1. Assalamualaikum and Good Evening to my gorgeous teacher, Mdm NorKheiah..^_~..

    From our last presentation, I realized that all of us are lack of confidence..

    Everyone become nervous and speechless whenever their turn is coming..

    Besides that, our presentation didn't attract audience at all..

    After all of us done with our presentation, I concluded that everyone is better but lack of experience talking in front of others..

    Urmmm, That's all..


  2. Greeting. I want to thank Madam for the previous presentation, especially for giving me the opportunity to speak in from of my new members and to be very considerate. Honestly, I can say that my presentation was quite boring and poorly presented but I do hope to be able to find my weaknesses. However, I'm glad that I can know more about my tutorial mates and their abilities.

    Written by,
    Elexanderio Julit

  3. Saifusyamil B Mohd Wajiah

    salam and good day,
    experience doing the presentation?its not a something new to me but i'm still got nervous when presenting my slide to my classmate. from the presentation i know how should the presenter stand in front of the audience and how should im wear during the presentation. the presenter should well prepared before started the presentation. that's all thank you...

  4. salam and good day..

    i know everybody can speak in front of others, it's just that you guys are afraid. not afraid of the people in fornt of you, but you're actually afraid of yourself. but anyway i do have to congratulate everyone for your courage and and the willing-to-learn attitude. i hope you will upgrade yourself especially during our big project this coming october.

    -may the force be with you!-

  5. assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh,n good day

    so, when we are talking about presentation,there must be a feeling that might affect us,that is nervous.
    when the last time i did the presentation i also can not escape from that feeling,but the feeling is not too strong compared to when the first time i did hte presentation.and due that,my presentation is quite boring.hehe
    i think that's all..

  6. my first presentation....
    I still feel, have many hole in my show..
    i also feel that, all student like not understand...what i say..
    the all blur when see me..
    although, end not what i hope...
    i still have a change to prove my language..
    and my grammar also in my next presentation.. you all just wait my Revolution...

  7. hohohoho..

    just interrupt...


  8. I forgot to put my name and Matric Num..
    The first Comment -

  9. salam and have a nice day....

    Actually from the last presentation that I've done,i think,from the last presentation I've found some weakness in myself during the presentation that is I'm not well prepared actually.Besides that, during the presentation, i fell so nervous because of not well prepared.So, i must learn from the mistake and make sure I will not repeated the same mistake.That's all from me.thank you.

    >muhamad hisyamuddin jaffar

  10. Assalamualaikum and very good evening to madam...
    first of all thank you very much because give me a chance to write some comment in your blog.
    how i feel during my presentation??
    actually i was the last person that present my topic..
    because during the presentation day on 13 and 14 august, i cannot attend because i need to go back to my home urgent because my uncle just passed that i the only one person that need to present alone..
    i just finish my presentation last week..
    i feel too nervous because i the only one person that need to present..
    i talk about myself because i think it is better for me to talk about myself because i no need to make research about myself...huhuhu
    save time and energy..huhu
    i feel so nervous because my English not so good and too many grammatical error..huhu
    actually if my friends do not told to you that i don't finish my presentation, i think i can escape it..hehe
    but i want to present too because i really excited to talk about myself..hoho
    i think my presentation because lack of confident, pronounciation not so good..
    as the conclusion i really enjoy in this presentation and thank you for giving me a chance to talk about myself..huhu

    -NOR SYAZWANI HAMSAN-@qaseh_nsh

  11. assalamulaikum....
    Wan Arif Fikri @ Gerrard

    Good day to everyone,
    So when talking about my experience when doing my presentation, I got many feelings on that day such as nervous, sad and many more. But somehow I feel better when everyone pay attention to what i'm talking about. So, that's all from me.
    Thank you...

  12. Now for those who don’t know me, I’m not the most confident person in the world so while I’m sure I’ll be nervous (there’s only about 28 people watching) I think it’s going to do me the world of good and I had gained a lot of confidence after doing so. You never know, it may even help me build up the confidence to apply to speak at a much bigger.thank you because give me the chance.

    mohd fairuz bin zaini

  13. NOT 0nly THE, miss....

    highcarlz also,...
    forgot to put their name and matric no..ish2..


    thank 4 reading...

  14. Goh Ming Hui,MH09073.
    Good day to all. This time i want to share my experience and my last presentation to all of you . This is first times i stand infround of my course mate to present my opinion . I felt very tense and not confident at all. The title of my presentation is about my roommates. Why i choose this title? Because from them I can learn many things .
    As we lived in the same the same room, we must help each other like sweeping the floor ,keep the room clean and etc. We must keep quiet when someone is study or doing their homework. When we don’t understand the lessons ,we can discuss the lesson to each other. From the discussion we can find out our week point .
    We can lived in peace and happily with our roommate . Moreover we also got many advantages than disadvantages.

  15. che azral izzuddin che rudi

    about our last presentation...
    urm, let me think...
    okay, actually the after the presentation i think i make many mistakes. the main mistake that is i not explain the main point with good explanation. i also should manage my joke.
    maybe this is because i lack of confident. i still can find where is my confident hide. i also not prepare myself 100% before make the presentation. this make me look mess in front of others. maybe i not listen to you after all.i will try my best next time.

  16. Yap Huey Tyng

    Good morning. When talk about the presentation that I did last time, I feel a bit disappointed. I feel disappointed is because I did not do my presentation well. Obviously, I did not prepare well for my slide show. I did not test/replay my slide show after I have finished it. This is because I got the extra materials nearly last minute and I have decided to put them into my slide show in order to make my slide show more complete. Otherwise, my slide show would have only 5 pages!! I do not think that I can make my presentation lively with only 5pages slides.
    Furthermore, I did not present all what I want to present. Although I have done some rehearsals before the presentation, but my nervous make my brain blank. I hope I did hide my nervous well even though I do not think so because nervous had already made me forgot what I want to say. Never mind, it is ok. Take it as an experience, next time can do better.
    Besides that, never forget to thanks lecturer for giving us the chance of doing presentation because this may be useful in our working field next time.

    Thank you and SELAMAT HARI RAYA =)


    Good evening Madam Norkheiah,

    Sorry for taking such a long time to post this comment. I thought I posted it last week. Somehow, it just didn't go through. So, I have to write all over again. Here it goes.

    I enjoyed listening to my fellow coursemates presenting about themselves. It was a great opportunity for me to learn more about my fellow coursemates and get to know them better and personally. As for those who did about their legend, it was not as appealing as to those who did about themselves, but I could see the effort they put up to do the presentation.

    As for me being a presentor, it was a really great chance for my coursemates to know me better as well as to improve my presentation skills. Although my presentation was not very great, but I realize that I have improve a lot. I used to forget my speeches and stutter while doing my presentation. In my last presentation, not only did I not stutter, I also did not forgot my speech. The only weakness in my presentation that I realize was the speed of my speaking. I talk too fast in the midst of trying to get the presentation done and over with. I hope to improve my presentation skills in the future.

    Thank you and good night, Madam.


    Assalamualaikum Madam Norkheiah,

    First of all,I'm sorry for taking such a lot time to post this comment.Well, I'm really forgot about this blogger during my holiday."really excited to celebrate Hari Raya". tonight which is the last night me at home suddenly I remember about you n I have something to do.... Urm, back to our issue which is about my feeling during the last presentation.
    Before I started my presentation, I felt very nervous until i could hear my heartbeat "lub" n "dup"..huh,very hard to overcome this problem. However, once I start my speech with greeting and it slowly become to the normal until the end.
    During the last presentation, I present about "myself". So that my course mate can know better about me. From my presentation that I did last time, I think I need to improve a lot of things include about the timing. Really I said, its hard to be rigid with the time. When I start to speak I cannot aspect what time I have to stop because I do not plan it well.
    Lastly, I believe I can try my best to overcome this problem."learn from mistake"..

  19. Assalamualaikum........
    I am Iqbal Fahmy............. MH09045

    During my last presentation, I feel very unconfident and a little bit unsure whether my presentation can be accepted by the audience or not.I always wanted to show something different and unusual to the audience in order to bring their eyes to me.So, I choose john cena as my legend because many people didn't know about him.

    As I started my presentation, I feel dizzy and scared because I cannot remember the script that I memorise before. The presentation did not go well but it will teach me to be more confident and not to depend on script.

    Lastly, I will train my self harder to speak confidently and prepare the presentation early..

  20. muzammil bin mohd alias..

    here i want to share about my last presentation.. yes, absalutely i don't satisfy with my presentation at all.. huaa3.. what i know my presentation should be better than that.. i don't know why when i start my presentation everything going trouble.. yeah, trouble is a friend.. i think it all happened because i'm tooo nervous .. i made a lot of grammar errors.. before this i already had a lot of presentation but this was the worst i think..all in all, i'll try my best for the next.. better late than never...



    hurmm... i think my first presentation for this class is not very well as i thought. what i plan in my presentation is not make it. i think i'm not really prepare well for my presentation. then, i still have little bit of nervous and shy to present front of my audience. my grammar also not good. so, i hope i will do best presentation next time.. chaiyok2..!! tq...

  22. MuhAmmAd RaSis biN mEsMaN

    first of all everyone will nervous when they not ready during our presentation like me but before presentation begin i already prepare little bit about the topic and using all what i`ve done in class.
    Many things that i have need to improve my presentation but from this i get many exprience infront of many people to become more confidence.
    Thanks Finally, I believe I can try my best to overcome this mistake.

  23. muhamad firdaus bin zaini
    from the last presentation, i think i have learned many about to be a presenter. at that time i present it is very lack of idea. that's why i feel very nervous and look like wood at the front while i presented. i think after that presentation i have become more confident to make other presentation, with all the tips and knowledge that teacher have give. thats all from me.

  24. Assalamualaikum....
    Thank you because give me chance to share my experience from my presentation last time. Firstly, when i go to the in front of the audience i feel nervous but i try to be more confident to present my slide. Before this I just present in Malay but last time i must present my slide fully English. I thinks this activities is good to student especially university student. From this activity i can learn to speak fully English in front of the audience. To make our presentation good, we must prepare our slide, our self and mind set to make sure we are can speak in front of the audience. Moreover, we must talk or explain our slide clearly. It import to make our audience can understand what we present.
    Thank you.....
    From : Muhammad Asyraf B. Jusoh

  25. mohd azli hafiz bin ab rahman.
    during the last presentation i'm very nervous because this is the fist presentation while i'm entered the university but i'm control myself to give the best presentation as i can.before i doing the presentation i was prepared a few times.
    with this experience i will do the better the presentation in the future and the other who listen my presentation they will not boring and also will give the full attention to my presentation.

  26. assalamualaikum madam..
    here i would like to share with you my experience during my presentation last i told you before,i believe that if we prepared well for our presentation,we will do a good speach.and here,i think that i not prepared well for my presentation.that is why when i stood in front of you and other class members,i cannot give a good presentation.of course when i stood in front,i became so nervuos.i fell like diying.

    but after i done the presentation,all become neutral.except my nervous.even i'm done with the presentation,i still fell afraid.i'm thinking about how it is going when i'm doing my presentation.i'm thinking how the marks are given as my presentation is not good as you want.but,i'm trying hard for the next group presentation coming soon.i hope that i can explain well for the product that my group are going to do.and that time,i also hope that the level of nervous in my haert will be lower that before.

    i think that's all for now.thank you.
    assalamualaikaum and have a nice day!

    noor azuani binti suliman

  27. Hye madam!!
    Erm, for sure I’ve gained something from the presentation.
    I knew that each of my classmates felt so nervous. So am I.
    As you had already said, nervous is normal.
    I admitted that I was unprepared for the presentation. Maybe it is because this is not my first presentation. So, I’m not taking serious on it.
    When you called my ID number on 13th of august, I’m really felt nervous. On that day my thumb drive could not be opened.
    Thanks to you for giving me the second chance to present on the next day. Even I’ve got the second chance; I’m still not prepared well on it. I’ve thought I can control the situation when I started my presentation.
    Unluckily, it was not like what I expected. Everything turned into rubbish. I don’t know what have I present on that day. I knew that everything that happened is my entire fault.
    Even I did not satisfied with my presentation, I felt happy and calm after done my presentation.
    What have I learned from this task is I must to take serious on whatever work that I’ve got and I must to be well-prepared.
    Lastly, to all my friends especially qaseh...Congratulation!!
    We succeeded to present our presentation with our own ways.
    Nice job guys...heheheh

  28. assalamualaikum.!!
    from my previous presentation,i realize that my presentation is quite simple..
    i think that i'm not using all the good tips on how to be an excellent presenter.
    besides,i should make more preparation as my presentation was not well managed...
    other than that,i can feel that when i was presenting my presentation,i being too serious,and as a result,the presentation became bored.
    although my presentation bored,i'm still satisfied on what have i done.
    nothing impossible for me,i want to improve my skill to be good and excellent presenter in future,..
    besides in a few years,i will be an engineer,its important for me to be a good presenter when i want to tell something that related to my project.
    last from me,thank you to madam norkheiah because we have learned many important things in how to be a good presenter..

    mohd aiman b. mahusin

  29. assalamualaikum madam,
    based on my presentation,i was nervous because i know i not prepare fully for my presentation. Accuatlly i not confiden with myself, but thankful i can finish my presemtation.......
    I wiil do the best next time
    that all, thank you.

    mohd affendi b.ibrahim

  30. salam everyone...

    about last public speaking presentation...i manage to do it as good as i can..
    but actually im still shy and not confident enough because it was the first presentaion in ump infront of new classmate.

    but,imtry to do it not sure about marks that madam give to me, because im not doing it good enough.

    well, it give me experiance and i will try again next time!

    good luck everyone..


  31. assalamualaikum...
    oh my god
    i'm feel lucky my presentations already finish...
    i know my presentatins are not good but i did it very well and i'm glad i'm successfull in this activities....

    my felling of nervous already decrease after i make this activities..

    this activities really2 help me to build my confident when be infront of people..i'm not sure how much the mark i get from this activities,but the most important for me i did it very well .all my work are very helpful..
    that all,bye2 c u agains....
    abdul muiz bin jaafar