Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3rd post

salam and good day...

product exhibition is just around the corner. feeling nervous? no worries...everything is going to be just fine if you are fully prepared.

talking about getting prepared, please share any reading materials that you encountered throughout your preparation for the big event. this reading materials can come from the internet, books, magazines etc etc.

do not cut and paste. just write the important details, and they should come from your understanding of the materials.

okay people, explore any potential materials that can help you with your exhibition.

good luck!

All men by nature desire to know.


    MH 09060
    M 01

    No doubt that I'm feeling very nervous about the product exhibition.. With so many things going on around the university plus the traveling to Pekan everyday, time is very constricted here. Currently my group has decided to do on bicycle but nothing has been done yet. There's lots of quizzes, assignments, projects and tests coming up for this coming few weeks.. Lots of things to do but time is limited.. I hope everything goes well as the time passes.. That's all for now..

    Good night Madam..

  2. From the preparation of product exhibition, I was very excited to know about one thing.. It is water proofing.. A substances that help us preventing water from flow out from a box or something closed..

    I'm not really well known about this substances before.. So, it is really a good experience I ever had..

  3. saifusyamil bin Mohd Wajiah

    assalamualaikum.., we not only had the technical english project, but there are another assignment, quiz and test that we need to prepared. my group was decided to present about a normal motorcycle that was modified into a racing motorbike, but we still dont have enough point to present during the product exhibition.

  4. halooooo...

    actually, we had make a decision on the spot to make an aquarium. so, we tried to make it from our experience. we also very lucky because when we go to hardware shop to buy something to our project, we had been introduce to waterproofing by the shopkeeper.she also teach us how to use it. i also had make some surfing on internet about type of aquarium, how to make it and subtances that we will use. it only take about two hours to make two boxes of aquarium. about the cost, we only use around rm30. so, our main purpose were achieved because we want make an aquarium that enviromental friendly and cheap compare to others aquarium.i hope the presentation will be ok compare to the last one.
    thats all...

    che azral izzuddin b che rudi

  5. assalamualaikum and good evening..
    hm,talking about product exhibition will make me feel tired maybe.i dont know how it should be done.from the explanation from the our lecturer,it will be big final project for us.
    here i want to share with you about our big project!my group members and i will be going to make cotton candy on the exhubition day!!
    so,i go through in the internet about how this cotton candy is make,the ingredients,the functions of the machine that make the cotton just in case if our group did not manage to bring along the 'pak cik' that make cotton candy on the day we will present in front of madam.
    about the feeling..huhuhu..of course it will pressure oyr brain and because we have many assignmets to be done.but...
    this is a new experience for me!!that's all.

    noor azuani binti suliman

  6. assalamualaikum and good evening....
    so when talking about the product exhibition,officially i'm not too worried and nervous about it as i feel that i'm 'too' ready for it...
    so, when my group decide to make the insect repellent i need to admit that i'm little too shock and thinking 'is these thing can be done'...
    but all my group members had convinced me about this product and i started to get excited about this product....
    so, that's all my experience that i can share!!!!

    Wan Arif Fikri

  7. SALAM.......
    Product exhibition is the grand project of the subject technical english. so for this projek, our group have discuss to share the ideals to make sure the project will success. usually we use the internet to serve the information. actually we have sevre a lot of wesite for find the information. actually we plan to present the package of tourism. so we need enough information for this project. we also refer from the pamplet of the tourism. it is give us inspiration to make our own as the conclusion we must have enough before we present our product.

    muhammad Asyraf bin jusoh

  8. mohd azli hafiz bin ab rahman

    before my gruop to do the c++ as our product, we was decided to do the racing bike but unfortunately we was changed to do the c++ programmer as our product exhibition.
    to do this program we was serch in internet to get the program code..
    after that, we was prepared properly to do the presentation.

  9. mohd aizad mh09070

    i dont have any worries about the product exhibition...because i have o group member that are genius and all of us cooperate to finish the project.
    we allready have all the materails.. we are working on it,and we are very buzy right now..cant waste anymore time..
    see you.

  10. Just borrowing this account.

    Our group are facing some problems during the preparation period with all the components that are required for our product but we've tried many alternatives.

    Posted by,

  11. salam....
    product ehibition??
    the sound make me feel nervous..
    we are facing many problem about the preparation. we hope we can overcome all the challenge that will come..and we hope we can try our best during the product exhibition soon,

    mohd fairuz bin zaini..mh09037

  12. salam..

    i know that the product exhibition is just around the corner.i feel so nervous because the project that have been decided to make is failed.our project is the box aquarium.but now the project is in progress and i see the project is quite ok right now.besides that,this is the first time our group got this idea to do we will enjoyed in making of the box aquarium...

    hisyamuddin m01

  13. assalamualaikum..............

    after a few week make the prepareration for this presentation, finally it has been done last night. everyone have made their best including me. my group make chocolate chip cookie. very hard to find information from the internet, but still can find even only a little. everyone also can taste our pruduct.i think our group have done the best we can last nigt.
    that all i think from me.

    muhamad firdaus bin zaini

  14. from:
    thanks to madam because give our class to

    explore how to give speech to the public.

    firstly,after i want to tell you about my new

    experience in my life.this is the first time i

    have the so different speech before further stdy

    in self confidence have an

    improvement...thanks again and again,,,

  15. ollaa..
    actually, my group has a lots of thing in our minds while discussing about the product exhibition.
    ice blended, home made soap and cotton candy.
    those things are very interesting.
    but finally, we decided the easy one which is cotton candy.
    the first step we need to do is we must have try to bring and show the real cotton candy
    for our presentation.
    so we work hard to find candies uncle's contact.
    after we get it, we work hard to find all the information about cotton candy. it is a very good experience while searching the information.
    although we are busy with the test and assignment, we still struggle to finish up our last project.
    i love working with all the cotton candy's girl..
    especially qaseh which are our captain!!


  16. salam everyone.

    Product exhibition..........

    what we are doing for the product exhibition is just a try from what we have learn in C++ Programming subject for semester 1.

    we have done some research before and we have made a decision to create a software that can improve human life.We are going to create a software that we call it as e-order.
    it will be use in restaurant.
    After this ,people only have to click on the computer when making order.hahaha!

    we hope we can do it well.


  17. assalamualaikum!!!=)
    urmmm..actually i'm quite nervous do the exhibition as i'm not well prepared to present our project.
    in addition,we have to do many assignments,so we are lack of we hope the exhibiton will be our greatest presentation,we try our best to find suitable time to discuss and do hope it will smoothly and perfectly done.
    my team have done a product which called 'e-order system'..
    this product actually using a software called C++ which we have learned in computer programming subject.So we try to apply what we have learned from that class.we got help from the lecturer to solve and to build our project.
    my team also have some reference from the internet to make the product more fantastic.
    besides the product actually build to solve the problem happen in malaysia.lastly,we do hope we will get a high mark for our product exhibition.=)that all,thank you...

    mohd aiman b. mahusin

  18. assalamualaikum.......
    product exhibition,this the first time i will do.Before this, i dont have experience.Actually, our group have surprise for every one with our product exhibition.
    Our product is box aquarium.
    How it look?
    How we produce?
    you all will know at product exhibition....
    that all,
    thank you...

    mohd affendi b. ibrahim

  19. Yap Huey Tyng

    Hi, madam.
    Of course we are nervous especially when the day goes near to out product exhibition day. As what madam said, if we are well prepared, everything will be fine, so I should not worry about it.

    Since our group has decided to promote cotton candy as our product, I have found some information about it. Before read through those information, the one always in my mind was cotton candy must be made by the cotton candy machine. Now then only I realise that cotton candy also can be made by our own hand!

    The steps of making cotton candy are easy also. Firstly, we need to cook the mixture which consists of granulated sugar, corn syrup and water over a medium heat until it reaches 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Immediately, add in the flavour and colouring if we want after remove the mixture from heating. After a moment, the syrup will start to become more viscous. Use a fork to dip into the syrup and drizzle it quickly onto a surface that has been coated with some non-stick cooking spray. If we want to make it in shapes, probably we can drizzle it over a bowl, or anything that we think can be.

    If I have a chance, probably I will try to make it. Everyone also can try to get a more complete procedure of cotton candy making through internet. Let we try to make it ourselves to experience different experience.

    Wish everyone success!!!=)

  20. assalamualaikum..
    firstly, of course im feeling nervous.. from the start my group decided want to present about a motorcycle.. that what me feel very2 nervous coz about motor actually i almost know nothing.. futhermore, i not confident our group can present about it.. hemmm..
    luckily, at the last, we changed our mind, we'll make a program called e-order which using the C++ software.. fuhhh.. we search for the internet, open the computer programing books, we asking our cp lecturer and many other way in order to make it happen..
    i think that all..
    thank you..

    muzammil bin mohamad alias

  21. good day to everyone...
    Cameron is my first product that i want to use in product exhibition.Because i like take the photo...not my photo but is my friend photo and anything that is beautiful.But because we dont have this producgood day to everyone...
    Cameron is my first product that i want to use in product exhibition. Because i like take the photo...not my photo but is my friend photo and anything that is beautiful. But because we don’t have this product so we not let this product become real in my product exhibition.
    After that, my group member has discussed to present bicycle by using they all guys one. But until madam call us tell her the product that we want to present, we suddenly want to do the chochalate chips to be our product exhibition. So finally we have using chochalate chips as our product.
    t so we not let this product become real in my product exhibition.
    After that, my group member has discuss to present bicycle by using they all guys one.But until madam call us tell her the product that we want to present, we suddently want to do the chochalate chips to be our product exhibition.So finally we have using chochalate chips as our product.

  22. borrowing account..

    Salam and good day to my beloved madam!!!
    Talk about product exhibition??huhu…
    Too complicated..but I will make it short so that u did not bored to read it..huhu
    Actually we decided to do cotton candy at the first time we got this work from madam..but one of our group members suggested we did about home made soap..but the problem was there were too simple and common if we choose this product and I think it can not attract people to know about it..
    Think..and think…and…think..finally we choose cotton candy as our product exhibition..
    But how to get the sources about this product?? Actually it was too easy because there had “pak cik” that sold this cotton candy at “pasar malam” in this UMP..
    The problem was this “pak cik” was too long did not sold in this “pasar malam” since H1N1 holiday..and how I could get his phone number??because I was the leader of this group, so I need to manage it..before that, we also find some information about this product in the internet, magazines and so on. So that we know a little bit about this product.
    I got idea how to contact this “pak cik” from my friend. She said to get it from MPP. And then MPP passed to leader of ‘keusahawanan’ club. Then he passed again to his assistant because she had all listed about the sellers and also their phone number..
    After I got the number I immediately contact the “pak cik’ I got the problem because I cannot understand this “pak cik” language because there have some ‘slank’ in his talking..huhu
    Because of my patient, finally I got to meet this “pak cik” with my group members on Wednesday during ‘pasar malam’..then we looked his workers making the cotton candy..
    Wow!!we very excited because the process actually was too simple..that’s why we wanted to show this product to all of you especially madam because I know all audiences also too excited to look it..huhu..this also can give experience to all of audience because before this they only know to eat it but don’t know how the process was done..then we arranged the times with the “pak cik” to come and show to audiences about the process of making the cotton candy..
    My first experience as the leader handle one project and also look the process of making the cotton candy..thanks madam for giving this tasks to us…huhu
    Arigato nee~~~

    Nor syazwani hamsan-mh09019

  23. assalamualaikum...
    ai feel nervous?
    of course all of us will feel that..
    about the product exibition all my group have prepare and a lot of information that we get from mny source.. our group want to make a aquarium that can produce juz using a box,this idea come from our group members.this box can produce by our own self.without help from any one.this aquarium also can make in any size that we want.that all from me..
    abdul muiz bin jaafar