Thursday, October 29, 2009

product exhibition

salaam and good day...

last night was a blast! i never thought you guys would ever come up with such a fantastic product! very inspiring!

so as i promised, here are some pictures taken last night.

what more can i say? you are BRILLIANT!!!!!

any comment? feel free to write...:)


need to go for a trip? here are THE TOUR GUARDS

the bubbly COTTON CANDY GIRLS....with Uncle Candy hehehe

need a restaurant makeover? call them- THE C++ ENGINEERS

how nice to have a homemade cookies- THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES FAMILY

ok, here are THE MOBILE MOSQUITO REPELLENT heroes...


  1. You shouldn't say anything..We will..

    The way we stand today were guided by you..
    We are the luckiest to have a lecturer like you.. I'm very impressed on your comment last night..

    We are brilliant..??
    -- Yeah, we knew that.. HaHa..

    MH 09060
    M 01

    Hi Madam,

    Finally, the day we have been waiting for has finally arrive.. I was so excited and nervous at the same time.. I remember I was not eating during dinner that day.. Haha.. Really scared and nervous.. Anyway, we made it through after all. Thank God. I had so much fun. It’s been a great semester. Thank you for guiding us through. I hope madam will be teaching us next semester for technical writing. Thank you. That is all.. Good night.

  3. The first one is...
    ---Mohd Atikullah B Mohd Azmi..

  4. Im glad i had finish our final projectlast night!

    last night,i have learned to make cocochips cookies,to have aquarium made from a box,a sweet cotton candies,to go travel and how to protect ourselves from bugs!

    for sure..
    my team are great to be a software engineer!hahaha...

    to creat a programming like that is hard for the first time,but we glad to finish it untill the last moment.

    finally...thanks for that seet candy madam!

    >firdaus rosli

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  6. thank to God, lastly we had finish our product exhibition. thank to madam too because you had guide use very well for this semester.
    it so fun to learn english like this. also with TMM.

  7. hye there!!!

    last night was very wonderful night!!
    we have chocolate cookies,advanced aquarium,mobile mosquito repellent,traveller group,the C++ menu and the important one is the cotton candy!!instead of we gain experience,we also gain many additional information about the product from each group.actually,this is good for us to develop the idea and make a new product in future.this is the basic of future experience.

    personally,i would like to thanked to our beloved madam norkheiah for teaching us in this semester.we are glad and very proud to have you as our first english lecturer!!!
    you are the best!!!


  8. Thank you for all the teaching and supports that you've given to us. It was a very great and blessed moment for me and the rest. We'll try our best to produce our product in the future but hopefully there's no one who'll surpass us...

    Posted by,

  9. assalamualaikum madam,
    first thank you for all the teaching and supports that you have given to us.It was a very great and wonderful experience for us..
    and the last night very wonderful night which i keep in memory.
    Thankful we all had finish our product exhibition and we all try our best for that.

    I would like to thanked to our beloved madam norkheiah for teaching us in this semester.we are glad and very proud to have you.
    we all will meet you again!!!!!!

    Thank you

    moha affendi b. ibrahim

  10. good day to all....
    Finally the product exhibition have finish...
    Actually i am feel nervous but i have try my best to present in front of my friend and madam.
    But i think i have to improve my speaking also.
    This is first time i feel that, the presentation can be so interesting. Because i have see my classmate all have try their best to present their product to us.
    They let me learn many thing in this presentation. Thanks a lot to my friend and madam that give me the change to present and let me learn more in this presentation.

  11. olla madam..

    as you know,all the class members are satisfied with their own work for this huge project.

    even though it takes our time to do other things,bot the final results is very good.

    the one who should we proud is actually you madam.if not because of you,we can not come out with something like this.

    thank you madam..
    hope we will meet again for next semester..
    hope so..


  12. abdul muiz bin jaafar

    thank 2 u b'coz make all of our product exibtion success.this is the best experience in my life,i think our class did a very best event in this university.i said like that b'coz another class juz present the thing that already have in the world but our class members are very talented had event a new thing to be their product exibition.we make this event succesfull to make sure u remember us as the best student in ur live that have u teach…I hope this beautiful night u will not forget…and always remember us as the best student in ur live.
    thanks to all my friend b'coz give support to all our class members to make this project succesfull.that all from me......

  13. borrowing account..

    Salam and good day to madam!!

    I’m very proud become your student because I can promote my own product although our product comes from “pak cik”huhu
    I’m also glad because can finish our last tasks for this semester…a variety of product I can see from my friends..besides give information, it also can create teamwork among us..
    Thank you very much to all my members group especially because gave cooperation along this product was done. And the most important to “pak cik’ because sacrificed his time to come for showing us the are so talented “pak cik”..

    And the most most important to are so brilliant like many things that you had teach for this semester..don’t know how to express my appreciate to you..because you are the most sporting lecture that I never meet before since I enter this UMP…
    Keep your cute face madam…huhu
    Arigato nee~~~

    See u again next semester!!

    -nor syazwani hamsan-

  14. Yap Huey Tyng

    Actually, at here I would like to write something is regarding our Technical English lesson.

    Finally, the lesson of Technical English comes to the end. Why the good times always pass so fast??!! I am really not willing to see this day coming. I will miss you.

    Thank you, madam.
    Because of you, our English level has been improved.
    Because of you, we can deliver our presentation confidently.
    Because of you, our product exhibition day held successfully.
    Because of you, we enjoy the class.
    Because of you,.............
    Because of you,.............

    Therefore, by here I would like to say thank you to you.
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Pn. Norkheiah.
    Without you, we cannot come until today.
    Thankful that we have you who accompany us on the journey until today......

    Hope that we can meet again......Keep in touch ya......=D

  15. Salam..............
    Product exhibition night very fantastic because all the group try to attract the audiences to heard their presentation. But the great thing is each group try to carry out the new things and all the price of the product is cheap. Furthermore , all the students had try to improve their English communication. All the members have confident to speak in English in public. So, as the conclusion product exhibition had learn the student to build the confident to speak in front of the public..
    Muhammad Asyraf bin Jusoh