Sunday, October 25, 2009

5th Post

salam and good day everyone..

busy busy busy??? ah well me too...we are heading to the finishing line..i know you all be jumping up and down when the class is officially over...heheh

anyway, just a reminder, please finish your TMM as soon as possible. and prepare for your product exhibition that is due this thursday night at walkaway between block X and Y (the venue has changed, sorry).

talking about this, let us share some info on your product exhibition experiences, from A to Z. from discussion to the exhibition. anything nice you want to share? or even the 'not so nice' experience could also be included.

okay everyone, enjoy your product exhibition because i know i will!!!

have fun and learn something out of it okay!

Things won are done, joy's soul lies in the doing.


  1. I would like to thanks to my group members because their teamwork..No one in this world can stand without others..So am I..Thanks to Joe, Jera, Pendi n Muiz..We are the best..!!

    Oh no..!! We are almost reaching the end of the Semester.. I hate to leave Technical English..It is full oy joy and I really enjoy it..

    Whatever it is..A thousand and million thanks to Madam NorKheiah..Since I was in Year 1, I wonder why people said that English is Fun.. And today, you prove it..Well done Madam..!!

    You are the great..!!

    MH 09060
    M 01

    Good day Madam,

    Product Exhibition.. Hmm. Not much actually.. we just divide our workload and each proceed in doing their responsibility. Lastly, we met up the day before product exhibition to combine our effort in arranging our speech for the next day.. Everyone did their work, I’m so happy.. They are all so willing to help.. Nothing much to complain.. We did the best we can already.. But, there’s always room for improvement. Good night, madam.

  3. salam and very good evening....
    nice to meet again.
    actually im here is want to share with you my experience during produt exhibitionn last night...
    im is from the group which made the package to go to gambang water park resort..
    during my presentation last night i feel more comfortable to deliver my speech to audience.This because i had an experience before this.I get the experience and learn my mistake from the first presentation last time..

    mohd fairuz bin zaini mh09037

  4. hi maddam...
    product exhibition is the best. hahaha...
    on that night i can saw many things that i cannot see on ordinary day. about boys, they all look good and handsome. of course they also look smart. erm, about girls, no comments. sorry.

    first, i want to thanks to all of my group members, muiz, din, atiq and pendi for all of your cooperation. lastly we can finish our project. erm, about our aquarium, actually it is a good product but it is easy to crack. maybe, we not make the mixture of waterproofing and its 'milk' properly.

    about others group, it look like we had done our best to our final project. good job to everybody. oh, before i forgot tq to maddam and candy uncle for the candy.
    that all...
    arigato gozaimaize...

    che azral izzuddin b che rudi

  5. assalamualaikum and good evening..
    i think,the most talented and genius group with their produk last night is the group with the insect repellent...this is because i'm in the group..haha
    Mohd aizad bin rasedi mh09070

  6. Assalamualaikum and very good evening...
    first of all, i want to thanks to all my friends and especially to my group members of BOX AQUARIUM because of their commitment.Actually,from the product exhibition yesterday i feel so happy because all of my friends were seccessfully can present their product.Besides that,during the presentation, i feel more confident to deliver my speech compared with the last presentation.actually,i got the idea to make the box aquarium is from my uncle.i got the tips how to make it from is because i'm so interested during my first time i saw the box aquarium.

    hisyamuddin m01

  7. Assalamualaikum and very good evening to everyone..
    talking about my experince while doing the product exhibiton, i feel very happy and excited during that time as we need to get a formal dress while talking.........
    but sometime i feel i just like the salesman that used to knock every door and talking about their product and convince the others to buy it.....
    Somehow i can manage all of that and don't feel any shame....
    i just doing my presentation without any disruption and it give me to make my presentation as the best presentation ever i'd done...
    so all the credits go to Madam as the one that encourage me is you....
    thank you very much and i think all the student in this class feel the same way too.......
    So, that's all i can share to everybody.....

    Wan Arif Fikri

  8. salam!!

    exhibition??we are the cotton candy girls are trying very hard to ensure that our important person will come to our our product exhibition.huhuhu..then we can show to all of you the real machine of making cotton candy in front of our eyes.this because,rarely we can see how the cotton candy is formed like the currrent we all know,cotton candy is made from just sugar with flavour and coloring.but we dont know how the sugar turned into thread and we can rolled it on a stisk or icecream's cone.
    then,after afew discussion with the 'pak cik',he confirm to us that he will come on the day we present our product!!we are very happy to hear that.we are proud to bring the 'pak cik' and show to all of you the real cotton candy make in front of our eyes with all the machine!!
    we hope that you can enjoy eating the cotton candy!!!

    noor azuani binti suliman


    Assalamualaikum madam, now i want to share wif all of u that there are two things that i hate so much, which are to start n end up somthing especially in this case.. deep in my heart, i really sad to finish all the TE activities for this sem. i'm enjoy in every TE class that i attend before diz. sometimes, it can release my stress because during in the lab, i can log in the facebook.(hehe..) sorry!!
    Honestly, before i learnt english with you, i really hate english, especially in writing. Not only essay in english but malay also..I don't like to write something in long sentences accept using the keyboard( meant PC ). But during the writing test before this i managed to write in many paraghraph.. i really try my best at that time..hehe..
    Anyway madam, you are the best.

  10. salam everyone...

    actually, im having some problems during making c++ programming.To create a software programming using the high level language that we call a C language is very hard!

    I nearly want to give up on doing it and want to change our project to other project that more easier that c++,but my team memmbers still give me support to continue it.and we did it in a whole week together.

    And im glad that finally our project reach the final touch.i hope that other groups doing well in their product exhibition.

    good luck and good day everyone!


  11. Sorry...

    The exhibition was quite interesting because there are many creative minds on the spot. The promotions fromeach students are very interesting although there are still some weaknesses that need to be focus on.

    Posted by,

  12. assalamualaikum...

    well everybody know, we just finish the product exhibition. now i want to share my feeling in last night. there are two things i want to share and the first is when the other section come to our place. my feel at that time is so nervous i don't know why i feel like that.

    the second is when my group present, at that time many people ask the question and also interrupt when we are doing the presentation, my point was lost and i don't know what i should say...

    however, i think last night all groups doing the best presentation compared the previous.
    thank you.......

  13. lie_leanor

    mohd azli hafiz bin ab rahman

  14. assalamualaikum madam,
    thank a lot for all my members group because we work to hard to finish our product.
    I cannot believe our box aquarium would be famous product during project exhibition.
    I quite nervous during project exhibition because i just know a litte about our product, but thank our group members because give ne some points.
    Thank a lot for madam,
    however, i think last night all groups doing the best presentation.

    mohd affendi bin ibrahim

  15. good day to all and my be lover madam...
    This is our last blog that we have to write...
    From the product exhibition i have learn many. Until now i only that, we can produce the chochalate chips with so simple ways! This let me got new ideal to let my family know. Then i can do at house to let my mom and father eat...haha
    I feel from this lesson i have learn more from my classmate also. They all have a surprise product that i never think... They let me learn many things thanks for all...

  16. assalamualaikum...
    hahahaha about our product??
    we never feel our product are very nice product that can promote to other person that use the waste product or person that reuse the the product...
    i also to say thank to my group members,jegha,pendi,atiq n joe for their cooperation to finish this work....

  17. borrowing account..

    Salam and good day to my beloved madam!!

    Product exhibition just finished..
    First of all I want to thank very very much to madam because give us chance to promote our product..and also teach us so many things about how to promote our product..thank you so much madam!!
    About my experience during product exhibition night..i’m really enjoy and excited because I can show the process to all audiences in live..huhu.. Same like my other group members that present their part..we were very proud that night because we can invite the “pak cik” and show the process with it machine..huuu so amazing..
    Same like other group..they also so professional in promoting their product..
    Maybe one day there have one of us or some of us that can create their product and can commercial it to people around the world..
    Just wait and see..not impossible..insyaAllah…

    -nor syazwani hamsan-

  18. Yap Huey Tyng

    Product exhibition? An unforgettable memory.

    That night was so impress. It is just like our own class performance. All did the job well.

    For our group, we all cooperate to make this event success. Thank you so much to Qaseh, Wanie, Ein and Lisa. I really happy to be with they all as a group.

    Besides that, only our own group member work together are not enough because the main character of our product exhibition was the cotton candy machine. Without it, our event can not be held successfully. Therefore, at here, I would like to say thank you to the Pak Cik who is so kind and willing to help us to success the product exhibition event. Thank you so much, Pak Cik.

    Last but not less, I would like to thank madam also because bought us COTTON CANDY!!! Hehe....
    Still have some to say, but I would leave it to the next blog--Product Exhibition...=)

  19. salam......

    Actually we have a lot of experiences during preparation and during presentation. From this project we had learn many things, one of them is team work. To finish this project, we had chosen our group members. Work in group need the co-operate and understanding each others. Usually, before we make a decision we have the discussion to make sure all of our member satisfy and not do wrong step. We also learn work together and learn how to divide the work. Before our group present, we had prepared the slide show, pamphlet, and board. To make sure all the things finish on time we had divided into three part duty. We also make double check of our slide and pamphlet to make sure no error. Another experience is we can learn how to communicate in the group. Furthermore, we also learn how to overcome the problems especially problem in the last minute. Alhamdulillah, our group can overcome all the problems and we ready to present our product.
    That all.....
    Muhammad Asyraf bin Jusoh


    Assalamualaikum madam.. sorry for the late comment.Im really forgot about this blogger and i hope you still can accept this comment for the last..

    Product exhibition?? owh, Its really nice experienced for me in this semester.. Althought, at the beginning i felt quite complicated and difficult to proceed this task but at the last my group members and I managed to proceed this presentation smoothly.

    There are lots of stages to make this project complete. first we have ti discuss what topic that we are going to present to you.. secondly, after we already decide carefully the topic, we need to call the uncle cotton candy to get his permission to come on that night. thirdly, we have to make the pamplet and video about the cotton candy. So, we have to make some research based on this topic. The next steps, we have to prepare what we are going to present to you about the cooton candy.. Lastly, we hve to face the real presentation.

    All the steps that I mentioned need co-operation and tolerance between the group members. So we can make the presentation become lively and meaningful to all of us..