Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4th post

salam and good day...

technical description test is over, now you are busy with your Tell Me More (TMM). so far, what do you think of TMM? please share your experience using TMM.

Everybody gets so much common information all day long that they lose their common sense.


  1. Tell Me More..

    This software is very useful in order to improve English.. Speaking..Spelling.. And many more..

    I'm suggested every parents must have this software at their home so that their children can learn English as well..

    Besides, it is very fun..Especially, the dialog..I just have to say it once, and they understand me.. Ehem2.. Well..

  2. Salam.....
    The software TMM is the good software to learn english comunication. in my experiance, during do the TMM i can learn the correct pronounciation of the words. from the this software i also can learn the grammer of the sentences. furthemore, students can learn how to comunicate with corect pronounciation........

    thank you...

    muhammad Asyraf B jusoh

    MH 09060
    M 01

    Good day Madam,

    Tell Me More, it is a very interesting programme. I had a very good time doing it. There are times when i can move on to the next level smoothly but at times, i get stuck trying to speak their language. It is fun listening to others doing Tell Me More. It is because they look very comical when the programme tells them that they don't understand what they are trying to say.. Overall, it has been a nice day. That is all for now. Adieu.

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  5. wow!!!
    this is very good software.
    i think, it will help us to improve our skill in english in all aspect. the best part is pronounciation althought it is a little bit hard. of course it is hard because as a malay, we had our own slange. in addition non of use had british or american parents. hahaha...

    i think, all students should have this software. it make english become fun and easy to learn. this software should use in all stage of our education system.i think, primary and secondary students also will have same feel about this software.
    i hope everybody also had same feeling with me about TMM.
    arigato gozaimaize...
    sorry, technical error...

    che azral izzuddin b che rudi

  6. assalamualikum and good evening...

    actually,Tell Me More is a good programme for students like us.it have many benefit for student such as we can improve our english vocabulary,the correct grammar,increase the level of confidence to speak in english and many more.i can say that it is very good to advanced our english.one more thing,we learn how to pronounce the english weords correctly.
    but,i have an "experince" during i do this TMM.
    my computer dont have three out of five task that must be complete before the end of our class for this semester.then,only my friend tell me that we have five task.i very struggle to finish the TMM especially the pronounciation task.huhuhu..
    then,i finished it already..

    noor azuanibinti suliman

  7. Tell Me More ?????????
    At first, I just thinking what is that thing?????
    and when i started using it i felt this software is very amazing but there is a lot of problem occured while using it......
    this software is very sensitive and i can guarantee this software will never work in the noisy environment.....
    I always just want to kick the computer when this software can't heard what i've said....
    it makes me feel like dummy when i just keep repeating the same thing over and over again.....
    So, this is my experience while using this software...
    I hope the developer of this software can make the improvements as this software is very good actually.....

    Wan Arif Fikri

  8. aloha..
    TMM huh?
    i'm frustuated with this thing on the first time...becuse i need to repeat the same sentence more than 20 times...but then i realised that this TMM help me to improve my pronounsation and my grammar...Everybody should try it...
    mohd aizad mh09070

  9. tell me more is a very interesting and usefull sofware. but when using the sofware, you will know how suffer you are...hahaha..especially when doing the pronounciation and dialogue part. the sofware cannot understand what was we said although we spoke with american style..maybe there were something wrong with the microphone or the computer. because of that many unnessary word heard in the class.that all.

  10. Talking about TMM..
    actually this software is very good for student especially.
    using TMM student can improve their skills in english.
    for me, TMM helps me to pronounce words by words in a good way.
    sometime it makes me felt tension with it but it is okay, we need to learn right.
    what so funny while using TMM is..im talking with PC..haha
    how come this machine can understand what i am talking..
    by using TMM i can improve my grammar knowledge too.
    so far, at this stage TMM is a very good software to people that wanted to learn english by their own.


  11. tell me more is a very interesting and usefull sofware. but when using the sofware, you will know how suffer you are...hahaha..especially when doing the pronounciation and dialogue part. the sofware cannot understand what was we said although we spoke with american style..maybe there were something wrong with the microphone or the computer. because of that many unnessary word heard in the class.that all

    saifusyamil bin mohd wajiah

  12. I'm borrowing this account due to some problems with my own.

    TMM is very exciting because it focuses on all basics practice and is very challenging. However, it focuses too much on imitating western people's pronounciation. At least only this part is a bit too much for some poeple.

    Posted by,

  13. first impression when heard about tell me more, i think is about the introduce myself but when i do the tell me more my expectation is wrong.
    during do the tell me more i feel very stress because i need to repeat for the several times....

    so, tell me more is just the person who have the stable emotion and also have high patience.
    but this software can developed my skills and pronunciation.

  14. salam...

    actually the TMM is the best software that i have experinced before.i think TMM like that because it can improve our learning in english especially in grammar and pronaunciation. if i have this software in my home, i will ask my brothers to explore this software.besides that,i think this sofwares aloso should be introduced in the school level.thank you.
    hisyamuddin m01

  15. lie_leanor

    mohd azli hafiz bin rahman

  16. salam everyone..

    why tell me more???
    its because we have to repeat it again and again and again............hahaha!

    i dont know why..is that because the TMM really dont understant what i said or there are some problems with the microphone..

    Actually that make me sick!

    but im glad that i have finish it with full marks.

    thanks to madam because give us inspiration to do it well.

    firdaus rosli

  17. assalamualaikum...
    tell me more??
    what is that thing actually..
    that was the question that always appear in my mind if i heard someone said tell me more..
    now,i had recognised it..
    owh...actually tell more is just a software that which is use to develop students in many practical skills.
    for me, i think this software are very good for those weak in english...
    i like this software,because it help me to improve my skills in enlish language...
    thank you lots to madam nurkheiah...

    mohd fairuz bin zaini...mh09037

  18. from;
    mohd redzuan mh09080 m01
    assalamualaikum madam,,,

    not to hard but,it have difficulties coz the lab

    we use,have technical problem.after we have

    settle TMM,our class fell free very well.TMM

    have make our speak technical improve drasticly.

  19. assalamualaikum madam,
    tell me more??
    actually i dont know anything about that..
    but after i do, it not relly dificult.
    but something we have technical problem with our computer until we have do same thing many more.
    I happy do tell me more because it can improve my communication and skills in english.
    thank you madam....

    mohd affendi b. ibrahim

  20. good day to all...
    This is first time i speak the english clearly and many. Normally , i less speak the english in my life. This is because my english not good. This program let me learn many thing and also grammer. I feel very happy because got this change using the tell me more program. I really hope that i can get this program also...because it can let me got time to learn and improve my english.

  21. abdul muiz bin jaafar
    TMM???this software are very GOOd to us because complete with all the package like grammar,pronaunciation,make a sentance and etc.my first expression about this software juz like the thing that waste our time but my expression are false,b'coz this give me alot of benefit information's and can teach me to speak like american style.....now i will never feel shy to speak in english....

  22. borrowing account..

    Salam and good day to madam..

    Talk about tell me more??huuuu
    I’m very tension about it because it make me so tension!!
    I cannot finish this TMM..the computer cannot detect what I say..
    I was already test to all computer..huhu
    I always become the condition prey..
    But in my opinion this TMM was good software because it give more benefits to students.
    Students can enjoy learn this subject and it can make students pronounce the English word properly..

    -Nor syazwani hamsan-

  23. Yap Huey Tyng

    Regarding the Tell Me More, actually it is quite fun when using it. If possible, I hope that I can have that software as well in order to improve my English level. This is because I seldom use English in my daily life nowadays, so start to have problem to speak fluently in English. I hate this feeling. Therefore, if I have this software, at least I can have more time to speak English accurately.

    When we do not know how to operate a program, we will feel that it is difficult to be mastered but once we know the key to do it, everything is fine. This is true especially when I was doing the Tell Me More. I face a problem during the section of pronunciation workshop. At first, I do not know that we need to follow their accent then only can pass. After I have tried many times(nearly tired) then only realised this but when I have got this knack, I can do this correctly and accurately. Thank to have time with TMM.

    Madam, can own this software?


    Assalamualaikum madam..sorry for da late comment..
    I'm really busy and actually im forget about this comment.

    Talking about TMM.. Im quite angry with this software.Sometimes i need to repeat the part that i have done.This is because the result given is not same for the each time i open the see result. Huh its make me dizzy??

    Trustly, the TMM software actually is a good learning prosess especially in speaking. Its make my pronounciation become clearly and correctly compared before this.

    Lastly, im really hope that this TMM software can be improved. So, that the users especially us can feel more happy and enjoy to use this TMM software without any problems..